Dark Gnome
  • Dark Gnome – Become the savior of the dwarves!

    In this browser game, you’ll dish out a good licking to your enemies! Experience the humorous retro game Dark Gnome. In this adventure action game, you'll be appointed the new ruler of a dwarven village. Your goal is to drive away the disgusting rat king Charles. Centuries of oppression are enough. Now is the time for a dwarven revolution. But before you can attack the dwellings of the rats, you must first assemble a powerful combat squad. That's easier said than done. In order to recruit enough brave warriors, you embark on exciting missions. Fight gruesome enemies and discover enormous treasures. But beware of hidden traps. Experience the Dark Gnome adventure!
  • The battle begins!

    You’re a real dwarf! In the retro game Dark Gnome, you’re appointed leader of a dwarven village. Flemming, a wise old man, introduces you to the most important game elements. Attack the rats and expel Charles, the repulsive rodent king. Explore this action-packed adventure game. Enjoy its black humor and experience the special charm of this unique retro game with its pixelated graphics and catchy 8-bit sound. Assemble a team of brave dwarf warriors and embark on thrilling adventure missions. Dark Gnome offers you boss battles, tactical battles that include defense, stamina, items, healing and bombs, as well as diverse explorations. Experience this dwarfish gaming fun!
  • Discover the fantastic world of the dwarves

    This retro game offers you wonderful humor. In the browser game Dark Gnome you fight for the freedom of the dwarves. Put together a squad of diverse warriors. Join your comrades in battle against a variety of horrible creatures. Visit the artisan quarter. Meet the butcher, a doctor who is actually a trained butcher. Visit the tavern. Here you can increase your skills with Tree Bark Brew, Bulb Brew and Root Soda. Enter the Hall of Fame and leaf through the Tome of Rulers. All your battles are listed in the Book of Heroic Deeds. Experience the awesomely pixelated browser game Dark Gnome. Explore the entertaining retro game with its exciting adventures and black humor.
  • The time of rebellion has come!

    Thungni is the first dwarf on your team. His endurance is 10 points, his damage is quite useful with a value of 2 points. The battles you fight in the retro game Dark Gnome let you complete thrilling missions. You'll meet creepy enemies, free imprisoned dwarves and try to avoid sneaky traps. Every success in the game brings you one step closer to your goal, which is to drive away the gruesome rat king Charles. Get to know the fabulous adventure retro game. Sign up for free on upjers.com and play. Explore the artisan quarter and visit the doctor, the resolute cook Ida, the blacksmith, the trainer and the tavern. There you can even meet Barb, a truly exceptional warrior. Play now!
  • Dark Gnome - Discover, explore, conquer!

    Plunge into a fascinating pixel art world and become the savior of the dwarves!

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