Dark Gnome
  • Defeat the Rat King!

    In the pixel RPG Dark Gnome you'll become the brave savior of the dwarves. Once you've been named the new ruler of the village, you'll receive an extraordinary mission from old Flemming. Drive out the rat king Charles and free the dwarves from centuries of oppression. Experience exciting adventures and get to know a grandiose pixel RPG. Defeat rats, cat bandits, and many more horrifying enemies. Collect resources in fields, forests and mines. Enjoy an outstanding pixel role-playing game with impressive fantasy and fable elements. You can book the courageous warrior with the skull bra at the merchant. Jump into the pixel RPG adventure and play now for free.
  • Dark Gnome – Simply fascinating

    A few clicks are enough and you can start directly into the big browser game adventure. Experience Dark Gnome. The unique pixel role-playing game in the browser. Here you will find a lot of humor and hard-hitters. Find treasures, free captured dwarves, defeat your enemies and have your wounded fighters patched up by a doctor in the artisan quarter. In the browser game Dark Gnome you'll encounter a variety of bizarre characters. The wise Flemming explains the most important game functions in the pixel RPG and introduces you to your main mission. You will lead the oppressed dwarves to freedom and drive away the repulsive rat king Charles. Become a Dark Gnome play now for free.
  • Fantastic possibilities

    Freddy's got your dwarf Kazrik pretty badly. The rat deals out a massive blow to his head. There's a bang. Kazrik staggers, but remains on his feet. Then you start your counterattack. In the turn-based pixel RPG Dark Gnome you slip into the role of a courageous dwarf. You want to end the domination of the rats. But before you can attack their dwellings, there are numerous adventures to be completed first. Discover the fantastic pixel role-playing game. Unlock different game areas one after the other. Battle armored rats and the rat elite. But don't underestimate your opponents, because it’s a possibility that your dwarven combat troops lose in battle. Join now and play for free.
  • Dark Gnome – Adventurous Missions

    Never underestimate a dwarf! They are small, tough and they’re in uproar. In this pixel role-playing game, you’re the leader of a dwarven uprising. Prove your strategic and organizational skills. Assemble a miniature army. Embark on a variety of missions with your troops. Explore new game areas. Refresh your dry heroes’ throats on tree bark brew, bulb brew and root soda. This not only quenches your thirst, but also improves special properties. The pixel RPG Dark Gnome puts you in a fabulous gaming setting. Defeat rats, collect treasures and free the dwarves from their captivity. Get started right away. Create a free account on upjers.com and stir it up.
  • Dark Gnome - Discover, explore, conquer!

    Plunge into a fascinating pixel art world and become the savior of the dwarves!

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