Dark Gnome
  • Dark Gnome – Forests, mines, adventures

    You weren't expecting that! As soon as you have settled in at the tavern, you are already addressed from your side. "Please keep your distance. You smell extremely strict." If that isn't cheekiness! You’ve just returned from heroic fights. As the new ruler of the dwarven village you have your hands full to defeat rat king Charles and his rodent gang. And now you're not even getting your due respect, but you're supposed to justify your – admittedly - olfactory not exactly flattering evaporation. In the 2D game Dark Gnome, the tavern is just one of many places where you'll meet bizarre characters. In a pixel-heavy retro look, a consistently entertaining and fun browser game awaits you.
  • Books, Beasts and Special Skills

    Are you ready for an adventure in which you have to prove your true greatness? And this even though you are of dwarfish stature? In the 2D game Dark Gnome, you'll slip into the role of a dwarfven leader. You recruit dwarves and embark on various missions. Experience an adventure game full of wit, charm and original ideas. Drive the rats out of your little valley, because all hopes rest on you. Fight, collect resources, train your heroes, and browse numerous books, from the Tomes of Rulers and Heroic Deeds to the Bestiary. You are on your way to becoming a hero. Prove your courage, strategic skill and martial prowess, which is that of a sledgehammer. Get close to the action!
  • With backpack, magnifying glass and sword

    Get to know the proud dwarves and help them. For centuries the little warriors have been waiting for a hero to free them from the domination of the rats. So far, there has been no hope. But now you’re here. Get potions, rations, weapons and armor. Train your skills and engage in tactical battles where defense and stamina, but also healing abilities and bombs play an important role. Use your backpack, magnifying glass and sword on your way to success. Experience the 2D game Dark Gnome, which calls classics of the computer gaming history to mind with its pixel graphics. Enter the magical-mystical world of Dark Gnome, become a dwarf ruler and play now for free. Let's go!
  • Dark Gnome – The 2D Game Challenge

    That hit home. The rat Greg utters a peep and then disappears into thin air. You won! In the 2D game Dark Gnome you fight against rats and cat bandits. Prepare yourself for exciting adventures and wild fights against horrible creatures. But as a courageous and determined dwarf ruler, you won't be afraid to fight. On the contrary. With your dwarven troops, you'll be thrown into the turmoils of battle. Defeat your opponents, unlock new game areas, free prisoners, find wonderful treasures and beware of hidden traps. Embark on a journey to the fantasy realm of the dwarves. Become a Dark Gnome warrior and prove your skills. With a little luck, you'll be sure of a place in the dwarven history. Join now.
  • Dark Gnome - Discover, explore, conquer!

    Plunge into a fascinating pixel art world and become the savior of the dwarves!

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